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Restaurant Review

Modern China Cafe

I have a cardinal rule of not going to a restaurant within an hour of them opening or closing. I broke my own rule for an impromptu night out that turned out to be a welcomed surprise. 
Nestled in the heart of Walnut Creek is a beautiful spot called Modern China Cafe.  Even within an hour of the restaurant closing, on a Wednesday night, the outdoor seating was packed! Customers were keeping warm gathered around the fire pits outside laughing and enjoying each other’s company even after the restaurant was officially closed. The Asian atmosphere was in full affect with the beautiful artwork and decorative pillows placed at each booth. 
Another terrific thing about this place is they offer an All Day Happy Hour menu! Yes, you read that right ALL DAY!!! This menu gives you a wonderful selection of cocktails and small bites at a great price. You don’t have to dine in any specific area of the restaurant to take advantage of the Happy Hour menu. That’s definitely a win win! 

Peking Duck


If you’re looking for a tasty drink try the Beach Street and while you’re at it, order a round of Sake Bomb’s for just $4 each! As for the food, we weren’t all that impressed with the mango chicken. There were large slices of jicama in it (to my surprise because it wasn’t mentioned in the description of the dish), fewer selection of mango and even less chicken. But this could be a reflection of the time we placed our order (remember my cardinal rule?). So, we’ll have to order it again just to be sure. I thoroughly enjoyed their tempura asparagus, crab cake and Peking Duck served with steamed buns. Yum! If you don’t think you would like any of these selections, no worries, there’s over 50 items on the Happy Hour menu for you to chose from.
Even though it was the end of the night our server Alexis was still pleasant. She even took the time to explain the various options of how to drink our Sake Bomb. They also made sure to inform us nicely of our drink limitations, being the last hour of the restaurant being opened and made sure all liquor was removed from our table in the necessary time (screaming again about my cardinal rule….but I’m sure by now you get the picture).
For 5 drinks and 6 Happy Hour menu items our bill came up to a total of $60.60. A Big Bang for our bucks! We will definitely be visiting this place again. Chef Dee tested and approved.



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