Get Off!

Here’s a review of my recent visit to Off The Grid in Pleasant Hill, CA.

Brown Sugar Catering

Chef Dee’s Condiments 

Chef Dee

Going Off!

Pleasant Hill Off The Grid

On Wednesday, April 15 my daughter and I had the pleasure of visiting one of the roaming food truck events coordinated by San Francisco’s, Off The Grid. From 5 to 9pm several food enthusiasts gathered in Pleasant Hill, CA where 11 food trucks/trailers provided guests with their various culinary creations. Street food has kicked it up several notches over the past few years. Off The Grid is definitely doing their part in assisting the food truck revolution.

Foodies of all ages were having a good time listening to music, eating, drinking and just enjoying each other’s company. We arrived as the sun was setting to see families pushing little ones in strollers while others were there with their favorite fury companion.
 The Chairman, The Creme Brûlée Cart, Bacon Bacon, Doc’s Classic Comfort Foods, Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen, Lobsta…

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