Samurai Sushi

Chef Dee’s Condiments 

Restaurant Review

Samurai X Sushi and Teriyaki 

2171 Loveridge Rd.

Pittsburg, CA. 94565

Entrance to Samurai X

Had the opportunity to visit Samurai X Sushi and Teriyaki recently. They are located in an outdoor shopping center in the city of Pittsburg . With all the different selections I’d consider this restaurant the Mecca of sushi. We arrived at the cozy restaurant around noon just in time for lunch. The place was pretty quiet. There were only 2 other tables with dining guest. The scenery was pretty simple; Dark cherry wood tables and booths, Buddha statues, bonsai plants, completed the decor for this quaint restaurant.

Wall menu display

At this “sushi bar” and most others like it, the sushi chef usually stands visible out front. Giving guest a opportunity to see first hand how their sushi is made. Our waitress (no name tags) did not appear to be very attentive and there was also little communication. She even brought the check before asking if there was anything else we wanted/needed. A lot of this may have been based on a language and cultural barrier. On the plus side, with little conversation, there was no upselling involved.

Sushi chef at work

After taking some time to look over the extensive menu my guest and I both decided to get a Bento Box (a combination of a few dishes in a box like container). The box comes with your choice of two items and is served with miso soup, rice and salad. My two selections were their 8 piece California rolls (cause that’s how I roll, Cali style) and the mix tempura. They offer over 15 different selections for this special.

Miso Soup

Less then 5 minutes after placing our order, our soup was delivered piping hot. Before we were able to finish the soup our entrees arrived. I loved the cute box like dish the special was served in; Everything neatly assembled in its own compartment. The smoke that was ascending off of my tempura let me know it was fresh and had just came out of the fry. My guest also ordered the California rolls but chose to accompany hers with chicken teriyaki. After finishing our dinner we decided to give their desserts a try. Unfortunately they were out of the Green Tea Ice Cream so we ended up ordering their deep fried Oreos. For me the fried Oreo wasn’t all that. Between the tempura batter and whipped cream on top the Oreo seemed to suffer.

Bento box w/teriyaki

Bento Box w/tempura

Dessert – Fried Oreos

Overall, service was efficient and the food was good. Since we were there during lunch hours our Bento Boxes were just $7.95 each. The bill came to a grand total of $21.64. If I was to give this place a score between 1-10, I would give it a 7. Worth returning to but not necessarily in a hurry. This place has been Chef Dee tested and approved.
Update: Had the pleasure of visiting this location again on Mother’s Day. It felt as if they read my review and took everything I said into consideration. Our server was polite and attentive. We ordered the Fried Soft Shell Crab and the Cherry Scallops Sushi. Both were amazing. If you listened closely you could hear our taste buds singing! The experience was so pleasant that I went back again the next day. Had to upgrade them to a 10!

Appetizer – Fried Soft Shell Crab

Sushi - Cherry Scallops

Sushi – Cherry Scallops


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