How I loss 100 pounds

I was squeezing what probably was a size 22 plus body in to a size 18 pants because of my stubbornness to accept the fact of how big I had become. Currently in a size 10/12 I can’t help but feel amazed and proud of the transformation my mind, body and soul have taken during my weight loss journey. I have been asked by friends and family how did I manage to lose 100 pounds. My first response is, determination. While my response may have been simple, the process and road ahead to meeting my goal was anything but. 

In 2009, after having my third child, I found myself at the highest weight I had ever been in my life. I couldn’t believe I had allowed my self to get to nearly 300 lbs. I can remember clearly the day my OBGYN said that mean and hurtful word to me, ” Mrs. Ellingberg, you are obese and really need to consider losing some weight.” There aren’t many things I hate but that word just happens to be one of them. I couldn’t even play with my kids without being reminded of how big I really was. Even the Wii game console called me obese. I was feed up with the lifestyle I had become so comfortable living in. It was necessary that I make a change not only for my family, but more importantly, for myself. 

Within a year of having my son I managed to loss about 25 lbs with very little effort (baby fat, post pregnancy weight loss). I already had a goal of making the number 2 forever disappear from the beginning number of my weight. Therefore, I decided to join a local gym. As serious as I thought I was taking things, I still wasn’t fully committed. I was inconsistent with my workouts and I hadn’t really changed my eating habits at all. After 2 years of yo-yoing with my weight I became extremely frustrated and was almost ready to give up. 

 I started to examine what I was doing that was effecting my ability to lose weight. I took note to the facts. I had been eating at various times of the day, skipping meals, eating a lot of fried and fatty foods on a regular basis, having dinner and snacks late at night. My eating habits were definitely a part of the problem. To address this issue I started juicing in the morning. I even did a 7 day juicing challenge with a online group courtesy of BGJ (Black Girls Juice). I adopted “Meatless One Day” where I would choose one day a week in which I wouldn’t eat any meat for the whole day. I stopped the frequent late night munching, took more consideration to my alcohol intake, and started eating less fast food.

 I also started working out more consistently. I would try to make it to the gym at least 3 days a week. On alternate days or when I couldn’t make it to the gym, I would workout at home or go for long walks. I even decided in the mist of winter to start running. Running!!!! Who was this lady??? The person I knew didn’t run unless she was being chased by something or someone. I was determined. I was making decisions with a purpose. 

I didn’t do this alone. I joined various social media pages and groups and built relationships with other people that were on their own weight loss journeys. I also developed a few friendships through group workout classes at the gym. I followed several people on FB, Twitter, Instagram and other online communication networks for positive reinforcement; people like  motivational speaker Les Brown, personal trainers and instructors, like certified Insanity instructor Tasha Dillard of Team Tasha and owner of The Inner Athlete Fitness Studio and figure competitor Alondra Chatman. 

Do I still eat things that aren’t so healthy for me every now and then? Sure! Have I still been known for skipping a meal? Yep. Have I missed workouts? Of course. Did I lose and gain a pound or two since I meet the 100 lbs of weight loss? Yes. At 175 lbs am I still considered obese? No, but I am still classified as endanger or boarder line over weight. But most of all, I’m happy!!! I am content with where I am right now and look forward to meeting my future goals. I feel like I have the heart of a warrior and that there isn’t any goal I can’t accomplish. With a lot of hard work, sweat, some tears, and determination, a new me has taken shape. Look out! 😀


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