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Going Off!

Pleasant Hill Off The Grid

On Wednesday, April 15 my daughter and I had the pleasure of visiting one of the roaming food truck events coordinated by San Francisco’s, Off The Grid. From 5 to 9pm several food enthusiasts gathered in Pleasant Hill, CA where 11 food trucks/trailers provided guests with their various culinary creations. Street food has kicked it up several notches over the past few years. Off The Grid is definitely doing their part in assisting the food truck revolution.

Foodies of all ages were having a good time listening to music, eating, drinking and just enjoying each other’s company. We arrived as the sun was setting to see families pushing little ones in strollers while others were there with their favorite fury companion.
 The Chairman, The Creme Brûlée Cart, Bacon Bacon, Doc’s Classic Comfort Foods, Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen, Lobsta Truck, United Bites, Lucky 13, Slightly Skewed, Tonli Dumpling and Yummi BBQ were the participating vendors on this beautiful evening. Unfortunately, Slightly Skewed was experiencing some technical difficulties and were unable to provide the public with any of their dishes.
The good!

Lucky 13

Food isn’t the only thing on the scene. How does a nice cold beer sound? They’ve got you covered. Lucky 13 Beer Truck was there with an extensive beer list. Selections in the past have included names such as Oak Town Brown Ale, Hell or High Watermelon and Mermaid’s Red Ale. They also carry a great selection of wine and spirits.

Chairman’s Steamed Sandwich

I’ve heard legends of The Chairman‘s steamed bun pork belly sandwiches and was so happy to finally have the opportunity to try one! We ended up ordering one of their steamed tender pork belly sandwiches w/turmeric pickled daikon and green shiso as well as one of the coca cola braised pork w/Savoy cabbage & preserved yellow mustard seeds. My biggest issue with these dishes was sharing them with my daughter. Next time (ooo yea there will be a next time! It was that good.) we will each be get our own. The pork belly was definitely my favorite. This sandwich was a combination of salty, sweet and sour deliciousness nestled in a steamed ‘biscuit like dough’ bun, of O M G G (Ooo My Goodness Good)! If you don’t like the idea of the steamed bun they also have baked Asian dinner rolls as an option.
The Bad!!
We noticed a long line at one of the trucks and were a bit enthusiastic to find out what they had to offer. After reviewing Doc’s Classic Comfort Food‘s (previously known

Doc’s Line

as Doc’s of the Bay) menu we decided to stand in line. We waited for over 20 minutes in agony as we could smell the intoxicated aromas coming from the truck. When we finally reached the window to place our order the host/cashier politely informed me they were now out of the one item we had stood in line to buy. Disappointed and broken hearted, we left the truck empty handed. Doc, in the words of one of our most famous Governors, I’ll be back!

We also made our way over to the the Bacon Bacon Truck and ordered their fries. While they were tasty, to our surprise the “The Fries” does not come with bacon! But simply herbs and Parmesan cheese. We’re no experts but as a bacon lover, we’d love a little bacon with our fries, Bacon Bacon. Just a thought.
The Ugly!!!

Creme Brûlée menu

While we were waiting to see the Doc, my daughter would travel back and forth from the Creme Brûlée Cart to try and help us better determine which dessert we wanted. By the time we finally made it back over there with our selection the truck had completely sold out of all their inventory.
Overall, we had a great time and can’t wait to visit another one of Off The Grid’s functions, which I’m sure we’ll be doing very soon. With variety being the spice of life, this is definitely a hot event worth checking out.
Click here for a few helpful tips on planning your visit to a food truck event.

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